Remax - Mario Cyr

Being a dual licenced Remax broker in Ontario and Quebec I can definitely help you make the best decision on where it's best for you to move depending on where you are in your life. I can show you the different aspects and laws from one province to the other. From Montreal to Ottawa, south from Lancaster to St-Sauveur up north.

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My coverage area

As you can see on the map, I cover a territory that is almost 600km in area in Ontario and Quebec.

Competitive and Analytical Approach

As an experienced realtor, I look carefully at each and every listing I receive and the current market in your area. After careful analysis, I build a listing that can satisfy a property buyer and achieve faster results.

My ultimate goal is in client satisfaction, whether you are buying or selling a home, I strive to be sure the deal is right for all parties.

Customer satisfaction is my number one goal

Thank you for all the work accomplished and your availability despite the distance. Thank you for all the trips you had to make. A project of this type can become very stressful but your dedication has left no details out. Thank you for helping us create our "retirement project" in the countryside.